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Studio 44: Trendy South Africa Garden Shed

Zozo is a South African term for a garden shed, a back room or a extra storage space in a property.

As Bedford Manor is an active farm, storage is needed for tools, garden equipment even for plants and flowers. So is the birth of Room 44: the Bedford Manor zozo.

So why name it Room 44...well...Room 44 is an ancestor of the famous Studio 54, its made out of aluminium metal sheet with a wooden structure.

Well...we store everything in here, from chicken feed for our chicken coop, garden tools and equipment, our own stuff from baby toys, bicycles to garage doors.

To maintain the Room 44, a lot of TLC is required as it is a temp structure, with not a lot of support. It has to be good in resistance of weather like rain and wind.

Trendy garden shed

Painting and waterproofing this garden shed is the best way to keep the structure well maintained.

We choose a charcoal grey roof paint by Benjamin Moore as its resistant to UV rays, dust and rain on the aluminium zinc structure. You can also opt for their paving paint for this shed as it has the same durability.

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