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A guide on How to Organize Your Wardrobe

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Why organize your wardrobe?

The wardrobe is one of the places we all start every morning so having this organised will give you a great start to your day. So let me tell you how I achieve a balance while organising.

During this lockdown period caused by the Corona or COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are stuck at home (God bless the essential workers, waking up every day and going to work). This has been a good send time for us to declutter and clean our homes.


Shelves are a great way to keep your folded clothes organised. T-shirts, vests, sweater and sometimes even tracksuits are easy to choose for the days outfit when they are folded in neat squares.

Shelves can also be prefect to store uneven necessities like handbags, wallets, shoes, jewellery, cosmetics and even seasonal clothes like winter wear.

Another way to make the shelves work for you, use decorative plants, blank shelves and cake stands to achieve a minimal look and avoid clutter.

Hanging panes:

For easy navigation, it’s best to keep your collared shirts, long dresses, skirts and trousers hanged. It gives you a cleaner look and easy navigation while choosing your clothes for the day. This also helps with creases and your clothes will always look crisp and dapper to wear.


This can be a great way to organise your seasonal clothes. Baskets are a good way to declutter unwanted and used clothes in the wardrobe. From winter clothes to summer tops, to handbags, wallets and belts, they give a clean look when organise perfectly. Its also easy to reach when the baskets have name tags to easy identify them.

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