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Free Printable Calendar November 2018

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Download your free calendar for November 2018 here.

So, I have been thinking of a good way to get my journal out there and thought of starting with a beautiful and practically freebie.

This piece is an everyday essential and necessities in my life because I use to track appointments, holidays bookings for the guesthouse or just simply to know the dates of the week and its stylish as well.

The reason why I love this instead of a traditional planner, is the fresh and minimalist approach while its simply an A4 one-pager print out that I can refresh any time.

Off course you can print smaller or even bigger version than I do, but I prefer the A4 so it can match all my other documents and also fits on my clipboard.

I got the inspiration for this calendar from a Scandinavian-inspired South African online store that I loved so much but has since closed down (sad-face emoji) .

I used to be so excited at the beginning of every month to print the calendar, on a fresh and crisp white paper and as the days go along, I would love the colour that it would get from the daily usage, marking and simply cancelling the dates.

Almost like a grown-up colouring book, I have a colour for each activity, each holiday and even each guest. And when the month is over, I normally store it in my file and the cycle would start again.

So when the so-much-adored online store closed down, I had lost the rhythm of my daily planning and colouring! routine. I thought of the best way to continue this unfair life! was to make my own version of the daily calendar.

So here is a piece of me, a piece of my daily life and I hope it brings as much joy as it brings me.

Download your free calendar for October 2018

You can use this calendar can be used for the following things among others:

  • Work/ Office /Study planning

  • Home / Birthday calendar

  • Exercise / Gym / Yoga scheduling

  • Planting / Harvest calendars

  • Kids school holidays / Playdates / Extra mural activities

Keep an eye on our site for other freebies – you can also subscribe to my newsletter and let keep in touch.


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