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Best Centurion places to Shop (Part 3)

This is the third part of a 4 part series on Centurion's best places to eat, shop and play.


The best part of living in a suburb is not only a leafy surrounding but the fact that you can have shopping malls and centres close by without heading to town.

In a community like ours, there is always a need to have shops in close vicinity of our homes, our kids schools and some of us, close to our fancy office parks (I work 8 mins from home!).

Here are some beautiful, big structures we call malls:

  • Centurion Mall

  • Centurion Lifestyle

  • Mall@Reds.

  • Forrest Hills

Smaller malls or even better, shopping centres:

  • Jean Crossing

  • Mall@55

  • Blue Valley

  • Eldo Square

  • Blue Valley Mall

Here are some boulevard style, here are some few examples:

  • Eco Boulevard

  • Southdowns Center

  • Irene Village

  • Grey Owl Village

Tip: If you interested in a vintage village shop feeling, try the Irene dairy farm shop. They have the most beautiful, homemade eco-friendly things for sale including fresh milk.

Sometimes, when we shop, we need a market and Centurion has some lovely markets especially on weekends. Here are some:

  • Centurion Farmers Market

  • Irene Barnyard Market

Please feel free to add, comment and even correct this list at any give time. Remember this is just me and my folks, and there is always a gem to discover in a place like the lovely Centurion.

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