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THE FINAL SNAKE AV PVT. About Us All links and videos about horny amateurs, amateurs porn, real amateurs naked.If you found any questionable content, please contact us immediately at - All models were at least 18 years old.Q: What is difference between QImage and QImage::mirrored() functions? I have an image of a map which is created using QPainter class. QPixmap mapPixmap(QSize size, QPixmap map) { QPainter painter(this); painter.drawPixmap(0,0,map); return mapPixmap(size, map); } This method returns a QPixmap, it's not easy for me to convert it to QImage as the number of pixels can be calculated on the basis of the map size. Now I am using QImage library to convert it to QImage. I have two questions : What is difference between QImage and QImage::mirrored() functions? If I mirror the image using the second function is it possible to convert it back to QPixmap? A: The mirrored() function returns a mirrored version of a QImage by flipping all the pixels. It doesn't perform any other processing. That is not the same as flipping the pixels in the bitmap. To mirror a bitmap simply swap the bytes in the first byte. To convert a QPixmap to a QImage you can simply cast it to a QImage (this would work with both mirrored() and QImage::mirrored()). If the QPixmap is small, this should be fine. If you're working with larger bitmaps, you should create a new QImage and copy the data into it. Q: Saving ModelForm after deleting specific object I have a model that contains related models and I am using the modelform to create and delete data. I am trying to figure out how to save the form after deleting a specific instance. This is the simplified model class Management(models.Model): management = models.CharField(max_length=255) class A(models.Model): management = models.ForeignKey




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Heydouga Siro Hame 4017 254

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