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White Cotton Sheets: The Untold Myths by a guesthouse owner

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Hi peeps, so last weekend I had a very uprising yet enjoyable lesson in how to make a bed. I am an avid customer of a bed and bath shop in Centurion. So in one of my escapes, I was offered a lesson on how to make a B&B bed and since I own one, I was definitely all ears.

Cotton is THE word, we all love cotton sheets as it has been a part of us all through the centuries and nothing can compare to the comfort and softness that cotton gives us.

1st myth: 100% Cotton is the best

But in this case, I am not talking about a full thread count cotton, as many of us perceive. The gurus in the marketing world have made us perceive that 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton is the best for our beds. And its very true BUT (note that but is in capital letters) the wash, iron and care that comes with it is so much and needs consideration.

Using 100% cotton for your own personal home bed is still ok and manageable but for guesthouses and B&B's, this can be a nightmare.

So the less the thread count, the better the daily care and so will your turn around time improve. Please don't crucify me for saying this.

This specific journal has been very difficult to write. I am firstly a wife/mam and second a business owner and thirdly a corporate career woman. I am always divided in anything I do, buy or experience.

So writing about white linen, I put the googles of a business owner: a guesthouse host. I want to advise on people who have to super utilize their linen and still make a profit.

2nd myth: Flat sheet vs. Fitted sheet

The battle on how to fold a fitted sheet after wash and iron is the only

3rd myth: White linen vs. Colorful patterned linen

Don't get me wrong, I love my colours, patterns and shapes, I live for them. But when it comes to the guesthouse, White (the colour!) rules.

Guests want to book a place which oozes cleanliness and white gives it. Of course you can add a touch of any other colour or texture to jujje (va va voom!) it up.

The other thing is that white is easier to clean, wash and dry, the maintainace on white crisp sheets is so little that you'll hear the coins adding up in your purse

4th myth: How to wash white linen

Store bought soap or detergent is the only thing we know on how to wash out linen. Well, don't fall over your stool if I told you that there are other organic ways and less expensive ways to wash your whites (the linen).

  • Borax is one of the best organic and mild methods to replace soap

  • Vinegar is the best softener or fabric conditioner that exists

  • Lemon juice: for an organic way to remove stains instead of using the harsh bleaches like jik etc.... just add half a cup of lemon juice

  • Sunlight: a very under rated component in the mix. Air dry your white sheets in full sun and I promise you, they'll be whiter than white. Hanging white sheets in direct sunlight helps brighten whites...just try it and then comment below

The best part is just to enjoy your white sheets, after all, its just cotton.

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